To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of girls' lacrosse in the state of Arizona in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.

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General Information


What: AZ sends a team to the annual US Lacrosse Women’s National Tournament taking place over Memorial Day weekend 


Who: Any Varsity or JV player in grades 9-11 playing in the AGLA high school spring season can tryout. You must have a US Lacrosse membership that is current through May. Players that make the team will need to fully commit and are responsible for the cost of the tournament, travel, lodging, food and incidentals.

Generally, 18 players will be selected to represent Team Arizona. The team will be comprised of 4-5 attackers, 4-5 defenders, 6-8 midfielders and 1-2 goalies. After a player is chosen to represent Team Arizona, there will be no refunds if they drop off the team.  The only exception is a season ending injury (must be medically documented by the attending physician) or death in the family. If a player does not fulfill their commitment to participate in the US Lacrosse National Tournament, including participation in every scheduled game, the following penalties will be imposed:

1. Players will not be allowed to receive any US Lacrosse honors (i.e.: All American and /or Academic All American, All Star Game) and are banned from participating in the US Lacrosse National Tournament for (1) year.

2. If multiple players from the same school do not participate fully or if there is a second violation by a player from the same school within a (3)-year period: then all players from that school will be deemed ineligible for any US Lacrosse honors or participation in the National Tournament for a period of (1) year



Are March 23, 2019 and the fee is $50. Payment is due on site before the tryout. Cash or checks made out to Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association will be accepted. You must pay before your tryout.




What is the Women’s National Tournament?
This storied and historic tournament features regional high school girl’s lacrosse games and US National Team competition. This event attracts over 1,500 of the best competitors nationwide from every realm of women’s lacrosse as well as over 2,500 spectators. This is also a great opportunity for high school girls to be seen by College coaches!
When and where does the tournament take place?
The 2019 US Lacrosse National Tournament will take place at Cedar Lane Regional Park - 1100 Cedar Lane, Bel Air, MD 21015  on May 25, 26. Plan on a day of travel before and after the tournament.  
When and where is the tryout for the WNT?
There is only one tryout, location and time are set in January
Who is eligible to tryout for WNT Team Arizona?
Any player in grades 9-11 grade playing in the high school spring season can tryout. You must have a US Lacrosse membership that is current through May.
Do I need to register for WNT Tryouts?
Yes, you will need to register with US lacrosse for the tryout.  Registration link above - there will not be onsite registration, no exceptions. 

How much does the tryout cost and how do I pay?
$50 payable on site before the tryout. Cash or checks made out to Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association will be accepted. You must pay before you tryout.
What is the tryout like?
The tryout is broken into two sessions. The first session will focus on stick work, timed conditioning drills, agility drills, and basic lacrosse skills. The second session  will focus on game situations.
What skills are the Selectors looking for in a potential TEAM ARIZONA player?

  • Excellent stick work and advanced skills (left/right handed)
  • Defensive and Offensive Abilities
  • Positive Attitude and Teamwork
  • The ability to think well in all playing situations
  • The ability to take constructive criticism
  • The ability to play different positions
  • Natural athletic ability - particularly speed, endurance and quickness
  • Game sense/lacrosse IQ and communication
  • Goalies should demonstrate:
    • The ability to stop varsity level shots from multiple trajectories
    • Proper foot and stick work
    • The ability to manage the defense and correct problems that arise
    • The ability to clear short and long under pressure
What do I need to bring to the tryout?
  • Two yellow or orange balls
  • mouth guard
  • stick
  • plenty of water 
What should I wear to the tryout?
YOU MUST WEAR BLACK SHORTS AND A PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT. You will be given a number for your shirt, this is the number that will be used to identify you by the selectors. NO LOGOS OR HIGH SCHOOL OR CLUB TEAM NAMES can be on anything that you wear. Also, no bandanas, scrunchies, bows or any other distinguishing clothing or accessories that would make them stand out as a player.
How many players make the roster?
18 players will make the team the roster. 1-2 Goalies, 4-5 Defenders, 6-8 Midfielders, 4-5 Attack
*Players must identify which position they are trying out for at registration
How much of the tryout MUST I attend?
You must participate in 100% of the tryout in order to be considered for Team Arizona.
When is the roster posted?
The roster will be posted within a week of tryouts.
If I make the team, how much does it cost?
Estimated base cost is $500 flight, $100 Uniform (new players only), $150 Hotel plus meals. A determination will be made after the roster is finalized on team 
travel (chaperoned), family or a mix of both. This along with transportation costs and sponsorship will factor in to total costs. A payment will be need to be made at the Time of roster announcement.